I remember graduating from college and feeling like I was in a twilight zone. My dad would always tell me to stay positive, seriously I thought. Stay positive dad? SERIOUSLY!? I was broke, couldn't find a job, and felt so lost. So how in the world was I suppose to stay positive. Even now I have days where I feel super off and not for any particular reason. Staying positive whether I'm going through family issues, relationship drama with my sister or boyfriend, work BS - you know how that goes, it's just not as easy as it seems. Trust me, I know. 

However, lately I've been reading a lot of self help books and listening to motivational speakers to inspire myself and to learn how to get out of  these life ruts. So instead of just telling you to, "Stay Positive," I'm going to share 3 ways that I consistently encourage myself to stay positive and allow the universe to hear me and bring positive vibes into my life.

3 ways to help you stay POSITIVE

  1. Write down positive and motivational quotes, and place them all around you! Personally, I always grab an old lipstick and write positive quotes on every mirror in my house, or sticky notes work too! Write down what you want or what you would like the universe to send you. On my bathroom mirror, where I get ready every morning, I write, "Today is a new day, SHINE BABY SHINE." Often times I live in the past, so I remind myself to let yesterday go and to START a NEW today. I totally suggest you write as many quotes, words, affirmations and dreams down and place them all around you so you constantly remind yourself of the good stuff. TRUST ME, the more you read the positivity, the more you will see yourself surrounded by positivity and living that life that you have written down, the life you aspire to have.
  2. A daily MANTRA! Whenever I feel off or feeling low, I usually turn to my best friend, Codie and seek advice but more or less,  a shoulder to lean on. One day I had a super rough day at work and she suggested that I create a mantra and whenever I start feeling down or defeated to repeat my mantra in my head or aloud 3-5 times. That specific mantra I created that day was, " I am strong. I am confident. I am successful." IT HELPED ME SO MUCH! This mantra allows me to remind myself WHO I AM, because some days when I feel lost, I allow my emotions to take over - DON'T allow THAT! Never forget WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU'RE GOING, and WHAT YOU WANT! Give yourself a daily mantra to help guide you in life when things get crazy.
  3. BREATHE. If you're anything like me, some days you may forget to just slow down and BREATHE, it will be OK. To be real, I am an over thinker and I am super emotional, so when things don't go the way I want it drives me crazy. STOP IT! I've learned that nothing will ever be perfect and that we are all on a different journey in life. Be patient and BREATHE. Take a couple minutes of your day, find a quiet space and just breathe. [This year I'm going to learn how to meditate, so I'll let you know how that goes and if it helps guide my day to day.]

Remember, life is not always easy.

Life is what YOU make it.