My sister and I have always had a unique relationship that brought us together from a young age and even more so as we grew older. Although our interests and individual styles are different, one thing that has always remained the same is our love for one other and our love to share our sisterhood. The ability to inspire and empower women to embrace their inner beauty and self-confidence is everything to us. My sister and I always dreamed of hosting #girlboss events where we would continue to redefine sisterhood by encouraging women to step outside of their comfort zone, connect with local women with like-minded aspirations, and shamelessly self-promote their business.


We've partnered with Express today to relish in the fact that whether you consider yourself a #girlboss or not (which you really should start doing because you 110% are) we all individually have a unique dress code that really allows us to stand tall holding our heads high amongst our peers. Express has given us the tools to feel confident in our own style code as we continue to host our #BRUNCHWITHBLUHAZL women empowering events. Express allows us to shine in our own dress code with a look that makes us feel super chic yet #bossbabestatus in these bomb AF athleisure wide-leg slacks and a top that both expresses who my sister and I are. D'Ana chose a ruffle embellished top that shows her light-hearted and whimsical yet sophisticated side, whereas, Laticia chose a classy shoulder detailed top that screams I am a boss, hear me roar. Express gives us the ability to be effortlessly us, by expressing our own individual style. From day to night, from college to career, Express stands for progress, helping each of us to get to the next level, inspiring us to move forward together.


You know all those ideas you have in your head? Let us tell you, you can bring them to life. Our goal has always been to redefine sisterhood by connecting and empowering incredible women. It's true, amazing things happen when like-minded women come together. We will soon be hosting our third event within 8-months and we could not be more thrilled to be able to watch women who have never met before connect with other insanely beautiful, talented, and powerful women. It's being able to witness new friendships and partnerships made that makes hosting these events a success for us. The power of sisterhood is real. Thank you Express for shining a light on our individual dress code and allowing us to be us, because it's our life, our dress code. #ExpressPartner #ExpressLife #ad

Connect. Empower. Enjoy.