Dear Mama


It's Mother's Day this Sunday, and it got me thinking; why the HEK do we only celebrate our moms ONCE a year?! These phenomonal women we call moms need to be celebrated a hell of a lot more if you ask me. When I sit back and think of what a woman my mother is, raising five kids [6 if you included our dad], working full time, cooking, cleaning [the list is endless] I'm always in AWE. At the age of 25 my mother was raising 5 kids. Honestly, I'm 29 and I'm to happy say I'm attempting to raise a dog [dog moms count right?!] because to keep it real, I couldn't imagine sacrificing my lifestyle the way my mother did to raise so many awesome human beings [blessings]. #MOM.BOSS.BABE.

Mother, you are the best. Mom, you deserve the world. Ma, you are irreplaceable. 

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We have got to start celebrating motherhood more. I think that society had us in a bit of robotic phase, ya know? Get married, have kids, be a mom, raise a family. But today, you moms are breaking the mold. It's 2017, and I see so many moms raising children all while building businesses, running for government positions, fighting for women's rights and it's the most inspiring thing to witness as a woman who dreams of HAVING IT ALL [is that even possible?!]. Kids, careers, hubs -you know, the dream, well my dream at least. I'm going to start our Mom. Boss. Babe. week off by writing a letter to our mom, devoted to all of you amazing mothers.

Mom - You are so damn beautiful. Has anyone told you that today?! You are STUNNING! When I look at you mom, I see so much more than what the average humans sees. I've witnessed your highs and lows, your failures and success, but most importantly I am blessed to watch the woman you have become today. Mom, you are ONE hell of a woman. Your kindness, your support, your tenacity, and your faith has poured into my everyday being and for that I am so damn grateful. Without you I wouldn't know kindness, I wouldn't know how one simple gesture can impact another so significantly. Your support guides me and pushes me, more and more EVERYDAY. Mom, YOU ARE MY MOTIVATION. Your tenacity fuels me. Your crazy is my crazy, and I don't give a damn who likes it or not, because I get it from my mama. And your faith, gives me faith. Mom, you are appreciated! Although my siblings and I may not show it everyday, please let me remind you, YOU ARE OUR HERO. YOU ARE OUR ROCK. YOU ARE EVERY WOMAN. Thank you for always staying strong, even when your world gets turned upside down. We love YOU superWOMAN. Happy Mother's Day!

Feel free to share this letter with your mom. Copy and PASTE it, and tweek it however need be. let your mom know she's appreciated! Love always wins.

xo, Blu