Whether you plan ahead for gifts or you're a last minute gift-giver, I love you just the same. To be honest, I'm a little bit of the plan ahead mixed in with the extreme very last-minute type of gift-giver. Literally. All throughout college I was always planning gifts way ahead of time for birthdays and every holiday to the point where I started respectfully spoiling gifts for people because I just couldn't contain my excitement or keep a it a secret. It was just too good. I mean, I think I'm a pretty dope gift-giver, but lately I've been OD last minute with any sort of gift.


After days of searching online for the perfect gift for Mum, I figured I'd share the ultimate last-minute Mother's Day gift guide to hopefully help and inspire a few of you beautiful souls out there reading this who are at a lost to what to get your mum. We got this. Thinking of a gift for someone who has everything is practically equivalent to me climbing a volcano. Impossible. LOL. Been there, did that. Throughout the years I've realized that it's all about thinking outside of the box! When you hear people say that, do you just roll your eyes? HA. I used to hear that and was still at a lost. Welcome to my life. Don't stop thinking, something will pop out at you. Think of a really pretty glass candle holder or a luscious all-natural body cream or a fun little kitchen gadget that's less than $20 that will 110% make pitting an avocado a million times easier. I'm here to inspire a thought. You'll be lucky if online shipping is still guaranteeing a gift to get to your house by Mother's Day, but if you're not lucky I've pulled some gift ideas from an array of places that you can most certainly pop into before Sunday and browse around for something outside of the box! Good luck.

HERE's to thinking outside of the box!