STAY AWAY from Negative Nancys


[ps: negative Nancy, is just a saying, so chill girl. I love all women named Nancy.]

The older I become, the more I grow aware of the energy that surrounds me. Who and what you surround yourself with is more powerful than you think. Let's be real, we are human and we women are emotional beings. When someone close to you is feeling down it's natural to feel sad and worry about them, we all do this. But we also ALL have a choice to whom we choose to surround ourselves with, and if I were you, PLEASE start getting rid of the people that bring you down. [I'm currently in this process] You are the people that surround YOU! Protect your magic, always.

You ever hear people saying, "I keep a small circle,"when you ask them about their friends? Now, I finally understand why. ENERGY! We as humans are made up of energy, so anyone we surround ourselves with we are exerting energy onto them, while we are constantly taking on their energy as well. QUESTION: Wouldn't you only want to take on good, positive energy? Instead of negative, nagging energy?! The saying misery likes company is SO TRUE, so please don't ever get sucked into someone else's misery because it's horrible. I totally fell into a friend of mine's misery and good LORD I am so happy I was able to escape it.

Here's my story: 

So I had a friend that was in a very unhealthy relationship. When I say unhealthy I mean that she dealt with a lot of infidelity, lies and pure unhappiness in her relationship. I started to notice that when she would call me, or when I would see her all she would do is complain about her man, how horrible he was and how sad she was. Like you, I pride myself in being a good friend, so I use to listen to her complain for hours about him on the phone and try to giver advice or simply I would just listen. But then one day it HIT ME! All of the advice I was giving her she NEVER used it, so why in the world was I constantly wasting my time listening to her unhappiness. Eventually, I realized her unhappiness was spreading onto my relationship. Since I was surrounding myself with her negative relationship, my mind would start thinking negative things about my own man, like hmmm I wonder if my man is cheating and lying too?! HOLD UP! I allowed her energy to effect my love, girl you better STOP!

After a few months, when I started realizing that I was solely my friends punching bag I had to check myself. I realized she was effecting my life negatively and it was time for a change.

How I Escaped:

One day, I told myself the next time she called I'm just not going to answer. So that's exactly what I did. I didn't answer. I didn't answer the phone for a couple weeks and I think she got the clue. Instead of answering and listening to her nag, I simply texted her, "hey, hope everything is well." I escaped her negativity and still was able to check in on her as a friend, via text. As long as she was healthy I was happy for her because at that point I realized SHE WAS CHOOSING to be unhappy and her misery became my company. Sometimes, SORRY not SORRY, is the realest thing anyone could tell you. I am sorry that she deals with such abuse, but I am NOT SORRY that I have escaped her negativity and misery.

In the end, we all are on this journey of life. Some days we will all experience super highs and other days we will have super lows. One aspect that is up to you, is how you react to that energy that is surrounding you. From me to you, give light and you shall receive light.


The mind is more powerful than you think.


xo, Blu