Every GirlBoss needs the Nike React

Many of us GIRLBOSS babes not only run businesses, pursure our careers, but also workout while constantly on the go. Not to mention some superwomen are also full-time mothers, aunties or grandmothers. I live a lifestyle where comfort and athleisure are essential parts of my life, and the new Nike Epic React has become a staple to my everyday lifestyle. The new Nike Epic Reacts are super light, soft, and extremely durable for our everlasting days. I’ve worn my Nike Epic Reacts from ATL, to NYC, TULUM, LA, and back to ATL and they’re still as comfortable as the first day I’ve put them on.

The Nike Epic React is a must have for every GirlBOSS and here’s why:

As a woman, I am inspired by women like Sarah Blakely and Oprah who not only strive for success in their fields, but whom thrive in supporting other women. I am empowered by seeing how impactful sisterhood uplifts women and creates the strongest force there is, FEMALE. To stand tall through the obstacles we face as a woman on a daily basis, we must stand strong together

Lately, as many of you know, meditation has been essential to my wellbeing as a GILRBOSS. Meditation allows me to clear my “ongoing overthinking” mind and to prepare for every new day ahead of me. I’ve found that walking my dogs in the morning, or going for a quick run around the block is a great source of stress relief and inspiration. I usually run in my Nike React Flyknits, because it’s like I’m running on clouds, letting my mind rest and connecting with nature at the same time. Finding the perfect sneaker for my wide feet is important for me when I work out. I usually deal with sneakers that may be too tight or too heavy to run in. Luckily, Nike understands what we need and has created the most comfortable, softest foam technology that allows me to run in peace, the Nike Epic React.

Being a GIRLBOSS, I deal with my personal lifestyle on top of my professional life and to be honest it’s not always an easy path. I have dealt with a lot of setbacks, criticism, and have been overlooked as a woman but I’ve never let that stop me. You must always remember that you are a force and that you are more powerful than you think. I am empowered by sharing my truths with you, to help you overcome your fears and setbacks. And I am motivated to let you know how I get through my highs and lows, and how my Nike Epic Reacts stand the test of time with me, always moving forward.





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