Timberland Traditions at Macy's

Macy’s has always been a staple in my family growing up in a small town because we were always able to get the best deals on our favorite styles. Our mother would take us five kids to Macy’s for school clothes shopping every year and we loved shopping here, especially for shoes for him and her. Now, I can go to Macy’s and get so much more from Timberland besides boots. I love shopping for Timberland at Macy’s because they have such a wide selection of shoes, from sneakers to espadrilles to high tops. Whenever I go shopping at Macy’s I never leave without a pair of Timberlands for my brother and I, it’s tradition.


Macy’s has an awesome selection of Timberlands for spring this season and I fell in love with the Eivissa Sea Espadrille. I love the denim color because it goes with everything and they’re super comfy. I can wear the Eivissa Sea Espadrilles when I’m home hanging out or on adventures. This espadrille is totally my go to this season.

When I’m shopping for my brother, it’s always simple. He lovesTimberland, favorite color is black or navy, and all we wants is a shoe with great style and comfort. Thanks to Macy’s I was able to find him the perfect high top sneaker, the Groveton Plain Toe Chukka. He’s obsessed! He said that the groveton high tops are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. #WINNER


Timberland is more than just a sneaker or boot to my family and I. Timberland is a staple to my childhood and will always remind me of my upbringing up north. Thanks to Macy’s, the only department store near our small town growing up, I will rock Timberlands forever. 


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