Being an Aunt Rocks*


I Love being an Aunt!

I have four beautiful, fun, smart kids… PSYCHE!!! Well, not yet anyways.But in all seriousness, I have two gorgeous nieces and two outgoing nephews that I call my own. I come to realize that being an aunt is one of the best titles I have ever been given. Hazl and I are grateful for our older sister and brother’s offspring because they truly have blessed our lives in so many ways. I get to have four children without carrying for nine months and being in excruciating labor. I get to travel to kids stores (which is my addiction) and buy the cutest kid’s shoes and outfits. I get to bring four little rascals to the pumpkin patch and out to eat for ice cream after – and guess what? I get to give them back to mom and dad whenever I want (lol!). The weird thing is, I wish my nieces and nephews could live with me forever. I actually hate when my brother comes to pick his kids up, or when my older sister claims it’s “time for bed.” Seriously, when they’re with auntie Blu or Hazl, they stay up however long they want or until I start seeing their eyes get puffy because they try so hard to stay up late. I love being an aunt and guiding my nieces and nephews, whether it’s helping them with their homework or teaching them how to deal with other children at school. Having the unconditional love of my nieces and nephews makes my heart happy and truly completes me. Being an aunt rocks!

Here are a five tips on how to be the BEST AUNT EVER:

  1. Be there for your nieces and nephews. Sometimes I find it easier for my niece or nephew to talk to me rather than their dad or mom. Not for any particular reason, but just for the mere fact I am another ear they feel comfortable with expressing their feelings to. Be an ear, be an outlet, and simply just be there for him or her.
  2. Be fun! Kids want to have fun and we all know the faster we grow up the more routinely life becomes especially after school begins. So take your niece or nephew to the park, the movies, or play a fun board game! Hazl enjoys taking the kids to the movies and I love bringing them to the toy store. What child doesn’t like a new toy? (I know, I spoil them, but that’s what aunts are for.) Another way to have fun is by playing learning games, like memory cards or go fish because they learn and have fun doing so.
  3. Be a role model. Your nieces and nephews look up to you more than you know. From the way you dress to the way you talk to the way you treat other people they are always watching. Remember, kids are like sponges; they soak everything up around them. Always and I repeat ALWAYS be a great role model to your niece and nephew. We all need someone to look up to, and who else better than you auntie? Hold yourself accountable.
  4. Be a disciplinary figure. At times, I find that when my niece and nephew refuse to listen to their mother or father they may tend to listen to me instead. Don’t be a pushover. Be another parental figure and help discipline your niece or nephew when necessary. Allow your niece or nephew to know that auntie rocks but that they also respect and listen to you.
  5. Be in the moment. Put your phones down. Shut the TV off. Get off your computer and enjoy the moment and make memories with your nieces and nephews. Time is of the essence and your nieces and nephews grow up faster than you realize. Love them, cherish them, and enjoy every single moment.

I hope this serves all you amazing aunts well! I would love to hear what you aunts do with your nieces and nephews. Send us over some tips, we would love to hear from you!

Xo, Blu