Saturday V I B E S


They say you can't wear white after labor day, but that's never stopped me! I sincerely apologize to the maker of that rule, I really do. It's just that a pair of killer white skinny jeans from TOPSHOP always gets the B E S T of me . . . . . . my self-control hasn't been too prevalent these days for (some odd reason) but I'm not complaining! Hi, my name is Hazl and I'm a Zara addict. Like, but don't we all just go a little "coo-coo" when standing smack dab in the middle Zara, simply surrounded by nothing but heaven? Drooling + gawking at all of it's fine beauties, or is it just me? E V E R Y single time I step foot into Zara, I can hear my bank account whispering (loudly) to me to turn around now, doNOT do it. Leave. #SOS. Major SOS. SOS to the millionth power times ten!

Whelp, that voice calling for #SOS hardly ever wins and for that I and forever grateful as I gaze over into my closet and see a few new pieces that I could NOT leave in the store from my latest trip to Zara. #YOLO

Shirt: Zara, here


Booties: Zara, here

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