What would Beyonce do?


No, but seriously... What would Beyonce do? Beyonce is an amazing woman, a successful artist, a mogul and let's face it, she's smokin' hot! With that being said, my alter ego I've created for myself is "Leyonce," in honor of Queen Bee. And I'm serious, ask Hazl, she experiences Leyonce often.So do you have an alter ego? What's her name? What does this alter ego do that you don't do on a normal basis? How does this alter ego come alive? This may be a little embarrassing to answer, but I have no shame in my game. My alter ego is Leyonce, and you're about to learn a lot about this dancing, singing diva. So let me tell you a little about Leyonce. Leyonce was created after listening to Beyonce's last album. I'm pretty sure it was after listening to her hit "FLAWLESS" - yes she killed that song and gave women across the world LIFE. Leyonce is just that - FLAWLESS. Leyonce can sing, dance, and is just so over the top with no cares in the world. She puts on dance shows, wears sunglasses and sings as she's in front of an audience. Leyonce is pretty much... EXTRA. Her body is her instrument and she has no limits. Leyonce comes alive when she hears her jam or a new song that she falls in love with. When Leyonce hears her jam, please brace your ears because she will start singing as if she is a real life Beyonce (knowing damn well I can't sing). She will dance as if she is a skilled choreographer and will gyrate her hips as if she knows what she's doing (but I truly have NO idea). She just flippin' lets loose, and Hazl is usually there to capture it all on video or snapchat as she is crying (literally) of laughter. To be honest, after my alter ego fades, which is usually after four songs, I normally have a headache because for those 30 minutes I have exhausted so much stinking energy into dance moves and vocals that I have to sit down and take a break.

I love my alter ego. It always puts me and the people around me in a good mood. Often I get laughed at, but as long as you're smiling Leyonce's job is accomplished. Hazl and I will be starting a VLOG soon on our Youtube channel and you never know, Leyonce just may come alive. Don't be shy, let your alter ego SHINE.


Xo, Blu aka Leyonce