Frog Work Outs!?!?!


Good day, you amazing people you! I hope you are all recovered from Thanksgiving because let's face it, I went IN on Thanksgiving. I was pretty much in a food coma for two days after Thanksgiving dinner. But I snapped out of it, and I'm ready to get this body right for New Years Eve.A lot of people have been saying they want stronger and more toned abs so Lauren created a quick video to give you a tip on a great move for your core, along with your hips. The move is call the "frogger," and it's pretty intense. The more leap frogs you do, the more of a burn you feel! TRUST ME! But you know what they say, no pain no gain! In addition to this workout tip, I have been staying up with Lauren's circuit videos from the previous weeks. I love this 20-minute workout and I just added in the frog move! Happy leaping!

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