Punta Cana x Casa de Campo


I love the Dominican Republic. I really do. I love the people, the beaches, the food, and most importantly, I love the culture. For the second year in a row my boyfriend and I decided to spend New Years Eve with my close friends in Punta Cana. We partied it up in Punta Cana, then retreated to peace and quiet in Casa de Campo.This trip I discovered some really cool things about Punta Cana! I've never been to this city before, so I was stoked to expereience new grounds. Below are the top 3 things you must do in Punta Cana.

  1. The Hardrock Hotel is a MUST. To be completely honest with you I am very picky when it comes to hotels and normally I would never stay at an all inclusive, but the Hardrock Hotel in Punta Cana was INCREDIBLE. The HR is located right on the beach with beautiful views and the hotel has over 10 pools. The cool thing about their pools is that each pool had a different vibe. One pool had a volleyball net, the other had a DJ, and others were more relaxed and quiet. The hotel really accomodates to all. The staff was on point and very hospitable. The casino is fun, if you're a gambler like me.PS: It's GREAT for a family vacation.
  2. At the HR you have to eat at the Simon Mansion Restaurant. Simon's is the only restaurant that is not included in all the inclusive but it is worth it to get dressed up, spend a little and have a fabulous meal. The decor of the restaurant is beautiful. The restaurant has a nice bar feel in the front and in the back has a beautiful private dining area. The food = AMAZING! When you go, I suggest you try the quinoa salad, the chilean seabass and the rack of lamb!
  3. Party all night long at Oro Nightclub. I don't really like the club scene anymore but I must admit I had a blast at Oro while I was in Punta Cana. Since it was a holiday, my friends and I ended up at Oro every night to jam out to some music and have a bit of champagne before we called it a night. The club has an awesome vibe, the best Djs, and sexy decor. Go out and get loose once in a while on vacation. Trust me, you will make memories that will last a lifetime in Oro.

Xo, Blu

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