Red Rock Canyon


Wow! We live in a beautiful world. Mother nature leaves me speechless at times. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation in Las Vegas, Nevada is a breathtaking natural wonder. Thurday morning after work my Mom and I decided to travel about 30 minutes outside of Vegas strip to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. What a sight! The drive was not bad at all and trust me as soon as you arrive at Red Rock you will not be dissapointed. Red Rock Canyon is so beautiful and red, lol! Once you arrive, you have the choice to park and hike or to drive your car along the scenic route for about 13 miles, we chose to drive the scenic route.  If I remember correctly it cost only $7 for the scenic tour. There are places along the way where you are allowed to pull over for pictures and even climb some of Red Rock (obviously my mom and I were climbing all over). The views of the canyon are INSANE! I was literally baffled at how incredible Red Rock really is. The canyon is one of those things I really can't put into words, but a place where you must GO and see for yourself. The trip was just mesmerizing! The Red Rock Canyon is definitely a natural wonder.

If I were you, the next time you travel to Vegas, get off the Vegas strip and go explore Red Rock Canyon!

Xo, Blu

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