Old Las Vegas|The Golden Nugget


Never did I ever know about "Old Las Vegas," or downtown Vegas, until NOW and I am a bit obsessed. This past week I spent my entire week in downtown Vegas working during the day and exploring at night. I stayed at the infamous Golden Nugget hotel at the new tower, Rush Tower. My room was spacious and modern. The bathroom was my favorite part, with the huge vanity mirror. Since I was there working for 6PM, Zappos' sister company, my agent booked me a hotel in old Vegas closer to work, which to my surprise was AWESOME! Ok, so where to begin? Downtown Vegas, is nothing like the Vegas strip. A completely different vibe, older people, different crowd, but the same amount of fun!

Here are the 5 things you must DO in downtown Vegas...

  1. Zipline over Freemont Street. Honestly, it was too cold for me to do it, but you can literally zip line over the boardwalk of people in between the hotels. You can scream, yell and fly like superman. over hundreds of people. Why wouldn't you want to do this?!Next time I go to Vegas I'm doing this first thing!
  2. Golden Nugget! The Golden Nugget Hotel is a charm in downtown Vegas. They have built a new modern tower, Rush Tower, in which I stayed for the week and it was fabulous. They have an aquarium of sharks that surrounds the pool and a great casino to gamble.
  3. The Beauty Salon Bar. Ok, so this might be my favorite bar in Vegas! I am obsessed. I walked in and saw hair dryer seats, cool lounge areas, and heard the best trap/hip hop music blarring from the speakers. The crowd was an ecclectic crew with the best vibes ever. You must check out the Beauty Salon.
  4. Carson Kitchen. Carson Kitchen is a really tasty restaurant. My mom and I ate here before we left and it was delicious. It is a tapas styled menu, which is great for sharing so bring everyone. Oh, and you must try the maccarroni and chicken skins with honey - so addicting!
  5. Fremont Street! Talk about a MUST do in downtown VEGAS. Let's just say make sure you have a camera ready at all times. The Fremont street experience is one you must experience. I can describe Fremont as a bit of a freak show, with amazing music, great bars, loads of people, zipliners overhead and just enough grit that will leave a lasting impression on your trip. Fremont Street made me fall in love with downtown Vegas and is the reason I will be going back.

Live A Little!

Xo, Blu