New hair, who dis? Yas. Yas! Y A A A S S S S S S S S S + just YAS one more time for ya' girl. #yas! To anyone who knows me, knows that my hair is my b i g g e s t safety blanket and that coloring—let alone C U T T I N G—my hair has never ever been "my thing." Ever. Hardly. Nope.

When I was younger, my father never let my sister's or I cut our hair (literally) so I've always had long locks. Loved it. Cherished them! Until around 8th grade I had an epiphany and so cunningly talked my dad into letting me cut my hair . . . . . . why? I will never understand why. Actually, I do. It was one of those want what you don't have kind of things and of course, I just had to have short hair. #inserteyerollhereFullSizeRender-3

Once my dad gave me the a-okay to cut my hair—why dad, W H Y would you agree?—I chose the MOST random little hair shop in town + went for it. 1,000,003% regret this spur of the moment salon selection!

I hated it. Cried. I chopped my hair off above my shoulders and cried. It was horrendous and looked a thousand times more worse than I image I brought to the lady to recreate. LOL, I'm dying! W O R S T idea ever. My hair looked like a poodle's fur with crazy uneven "side-bangs."

I scarred myself so bad that I have never—I mean n e v e r ever ever ever cut my hair again.

U N T I L recently, one of my beautifully stunning girlfriends @kebradford (don't judge, I just love her Insta' name) introduced me to STYLEbar + the sweetest and most talented hairdresser—Julie Thomas—in Chattanooga!


I'm obsessed. The color, the cut. Everything. #obsessed

Julie, you are GOLD. My #number1. My favorite. Never will I ever drive almost 2-hours to ANYone, but you! You give me, my hair and my #hairgoals L I F E—she's a perfectionist, realest and just a doll. I love her. She listened to all of my embarrassing stories + me, Katherine and her just laughed and laughed as she reassured me that I had nothing to worry about this time around. #girltalk

First time around, I drooled. Now, the second time around—SOS, someone call backup—I died.

Katherine, I love you + thank you for sharing your precious Julie with me! I'm whole-heartedly thanking the heavens up above for Julie and her magic hands. I adore YOU pretty! Drop your current hairdresser, call (423) 756-2718, ask for Julie Thomas + get your tush to STYLEbar in Chattanooga now!

I've come along way from the poodle-bob cut.