Blu + Hazl in a MeMe


Thanks @daddyissues_, this meme defines Hazl and I to a tee! As soon as I read this meme I died laughing. #TruelifeofSisterhood First of all, when your sister's best friend tags you and your sister in a post you know there must be some validity to it. The tribe has spoken, Hazl stop stealing my CLOTHES - lol. Cheers to sisterhood and all the perks that come along with it. I won't speak too much about Hazl, but I mean I would say it to her face anyways, but this meme was created for you! Seriously, sometimes when I go shopping I buy two, one for me and one for her, to not deal with her coming into my closet and stealing mine! And thank my heavenly father that we have different shoe sizes because I would probably annihilate her if she stole my shoes. #don'tmesswithmyshoesboobookitty!

Does anyone have a sister and can relate to this meme? When I say this meme is spot on to Hazl and I, it's SPOT ON! This must happen twice every week to us both. Last week, for instance, I had to style a shoot so I went to Hazl's closet to steal some of her gems to only discover that Hazl had several of my clothes hidden in her rack of clothes - WTF! lol, but hey I was guilty too. She just doesn't know I stole her clothes quite yet because she wasn't home all day. Shhhhh! #winning

Honestly, when I saw this meme I literally laughed out loud. I legit screen shot the meme and sent it to my sister. Isn't it so weird how real some of these memes are on social media?! They get me every time. But in all seriousness, sharing clothes is just a small perk of sisterhood. I would share anything with Hazl (and yes even my shoes!) - I mean mostly everything. That's what sisters are for. If she needs anything, I got her. If she needs help, I got her back. If she is going on a hot date, I'm definitely helping her find the hottest dress even if it means rummaging through my closet. I mean let's face it, there's no better friend than a sister.

I love you Hazl!

Xo, Blu