[Travel] Beauty Tips


Here are a few neccessities I must have in my beauty bag when traveling. Let's face it, we women have so much to pack when it comes to traveling. Think about it; hair, face, skin, shoes, clothes, hats ... and I'm sure there are more ridiculous things we can think of to pack (like my blow dryer I'm obsessed with, because hotel blow dryers stink!). When I travel I like to always travel lite and keep my beauty bag to a minimal. I want to share with you my favorite beauty must haves that are always in my beauty bag.

Face Protectant: Josie Maran Moisturizer SPF 47 & Carmex Lip Balm

I've raved about Josie Maran before in a prior blog post, see here. Literally I must have this bottle with me at all times, especially when traveling to the beach! The best lite weight, facial protectant mosturizer is Josie Maran.

After I protect my entire face and neck with Josie Maran, I go to my favorite drug store lip balm that never fails me, Carmex. I know, how old school right? But trust me, if I don't put carmex on my lips and I lay in the sun my lips will swell the next morning, and I mean HITCH swell (did you see that movie?).  My lips are super sensitive to sun, so I have to put both the moisturizer and carmex on my lips everyday when traveling. You can buy Carmex at an local drug store.



Laura Mercier: Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier is my everyday tinted moisturier or BB Cream some call it. I don't wear foundation often, if ever, so this Laura Mercier moistrizer is my daily go-to tinted moisturizer. If you know me, you know I'm not the biggest fan of make up; one, because our father never let us wear it growing up and two, I just don't know all those cool makeup techniques you beauties know. So, I stick with my Laura Mercier moisturizer because it never feels heavy, or sticky on my face. I love Laura Mercier because it's lite and creamy, and has flawless lightweight coverage. I apply this moistrizer with my hands or dab it in my skin with this pink beauty blender. I love Laura Mercier not only on vacation, but everyday!



Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Let's face it, I'm a hairy beast and my eyebrows always need some defining. This Anastasia Brow Wiz  pencil is heaven! The Brow Wiz pencil is super thin, allowing you to shape and define your brows just the way you like. I swear by this pencil. Anastasia provides several different shades to fit the color of your hair. The Brow Wiz by Anastasia gives your brows a naturally defined look and beautiful shape. #TeamNatural



Eyelashes:  They're Real Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics Sephora+Eyelash Curler

I never leave the house without my mascara, well maybe sometimes. But when I want to look awake and add a little 'va va voom' to my look,"They're Real" mascara by Benefit Cosmetics is my go-to, especially when traveling.  As you can see the tube is small and perfect for travel. "They're Real" mascara is one of the best lengthening and volumizing mascara I've used thus far. The shape of the brush allows you to get in between the lashes from the root to add length and volume to each lash. #Obsessed

Oh, and don't forget an eyelash curler. Unlike Hazl (who has the most gorgeous, natural curly lashes ever), I have to curl these babies daily. I got this Sephora brand curler from Sephora, obviously, lol! Actually, all of the products I travel with, except for my handy dandy Carmex comes from Sephora. I could literally spend all day in this store.


Happy Travels Beauties!

Xo, Blu