—Photo Diary—


I found my sanctuary. A place that I can retreat to in order to reach complete zen, Casa de Campo.  Since I've already raved about Casa De Campo here, there's no need to continue to tell you how amazing this country is. The Dominican Republic is beautiful, great food, and great people. When you get a chance to travel to the DR, you must visit Casa de Campo, it's truly its own world, literally. My last visit was probably better than any other visit thus far because i had no expectations. I just wanted to getaway for the weekend to clear my mind and to be at peace. Life gets crazy sometimes, a little getaway to paradise never hurt nobody.

One addition I do have to add to the amazing Casa De Campo is a restaurant I discovered with my friend called, Sophia's - AH MAZ ING! Not only is the food great, but the atmosphere is incredible. They actually have an outside infinity pool connected to the restaurant that you can swim in, grab drinks and just chill. Yup, Sophia's is pretty much the SPOT to be in Casa de Campo. #obsessed

Here's my photo diary I wanted to share with you all...

Casa de Campo, thank you!

Xo, Blu