When I first ever discovered this brand of naturally baked crunchy fruit chips a few months ago, I was aimlessly walking down the isle at Whole Foods on the search for some new dried fruit chips to snack on as well as throw on top of + within my creations and then BOOM—there bare was! As I spotted bare in the isle, it was their packaging that had me sold instantly. It was kind of like love at first sight. Is that weird? LOL, whatever 🙄 I'll admit it, I pay really close attention to packaging these days + love to see how a brand chooses to have themselves seen. I'm the biggest sucker for packaging because let's be real, that is a brands first impression on you! Not that I judge, but it's 2016 and people have become, through necessity, more and more creative in order to stand out within the crowd.  I was instantly intrigued with bare. Their logo is spelled out in their mere perfectly sculpted fruit chips and it was just the cutest little thing! Sweet, simple, and straight to the point—bare. The minute I flipped the fuji + reds package over to read the ingredients ALL that was listed was: apples—I'll be honest, I was like no way 🙀 I instantly looked at the bottom of the package to see if there was more "hidden" ingredients or something I was missing but guess what, NOPE. None. No hidden ingredients, no extra nothing 😅💯

Bare was 110% sincerely exactly what they were advertising!

After I got to reading the back panelI took out my phone to go on their website as I continued to stand smack dab in the middle of the isle to learn more about them. I was sold, smitten—I was in dried fruit chip heaven—and became hooked. I'm obsessed with their motto, "snack simply. live fully."—like, #YAS 🤓 I couldn't have said it any better!

The babes over at bare have GOT IT GOING ON 🏆 they're all about simplicity, real food, pure goodness + pride themselves on creating a product that is nature-made merely enhanced to provide us with little joys that bring pure happiness into life! #baregoals

Everything you need to know is visibly labeled on the bag, no secrets. No sugar added, no oil, fat free, no preservatives, non-GMO + a good source of fiber. Nothing artificial, all real. Baked, never fried or freeze dried. Minimally processed and just made from REAL fruit.

That day at Whole Foods, I bought the granny smith apple chips, fuji + reds apple chips, and honey coconut chips and my life has been forever changed. As I was finally leaving the isle, I thought to myself, how clever was the name bare + why didn't I think of it? BARE, literally—so simple, yet so perfectly fitting for a product that is genuinely bare with delicious real ingredients. #bare4ever

I snack on bare at all times, no joke. I'm always snacking on bare when I travel, when I'm sitting in my bed early morning blogging or even when I'm online shopping 😇 —bare is always close by! I add them on top of my smooth bowls, morning porridges, homemade nice-cream + even my oven baked goodies—stay tuned this month for recipes utilizing my latestest + greatest naturally baked crunchy fruit chips!

YOU babes 'gotta snag you a bag of bare when you see them + let me know your favorite flavors!