Suns OUT, Guns OUT!


It may be a little later than usual, but it's NEVER too late to get a workout in! #WorkoutWednesday

It's vacatttttttion time baby! How are your bods looking? I'm sure you are all looking super hot and toned. Regardless if you've reached your goal yet, or if you're still working towards it, our personal trainer Lauren Williams has one heck of a workout to keep your arms looking fine all summer long!

So let's be honest, we all have problem areas. One of my areas I focus on always, especially for summer, are my arms. Summer time means tank tops, tube tops, bikinis - you know the sexy and fun clothes we can't wait to go shopping for. I can not stand when I have that jiggly arm fat falling out the front of my tank tops, nevermind the underarm flab. UGH! Hey, we're human, but the good thing about being human is that we have power over our bodies and change is REAL. "Maintaining lean muscle mass on your body helps burns body fat," Lauren says. So let's stay healthy ladies and stay sexy all summer sixteen!

PS: That's definitely our gorgeous personal trainer Lauren Williams in the latest Shape Magazine! Get it girl! Make sure to follow Lauren for great fit inspiration @Lajoy224.