[TRAVEL TIP]Versatile Pieces


When vacationing, pack versatile pieces to ensure your suitcase passes the 50 pound weight limit! Look, I get it, when we vacation we like to pack EVERYTHING! We like to pack those beautiful summer dresses we haven't got to wear yet, all those super cute bikinis you just ordered from Victoria's Secret's semi annual sale, oh and shoes, we have to pack flats, heels and sandals - I know. I'm guilty as charged in the overpacking department. But the more and more I travel, the more I tend to carry less and leave the big suitcases at home. My new thing is bringing my handy dandy carry-on and a travel bag and that's it. The key to packing lite is to pack versatile pieces; pieces you can wear on the beach, for dinner, or during the day for vacation adventures. This tie up blouse from PRADEGAL is a prime example of a super chic, versatile piece I can use as a cover up on the beach or for date night. The tie up blouse is lite and easy to pack and you can wear this super cute, trendy top throughout the summer. Listen, I'm all about getting your moneys worth and this blouse is a great summer style investment.

Believe me, the tie up blouse from PRADEGAL is essential when vacationing this summer.