#WOW = Workout Wednesday! Boom! As you all know, if you're following us on Instagram @Bluhazl, I'm currently on vacation but that has not stopped me from getting my workout in. Remember how Lauren mentioned to get out outside to get a workout in? Well, I took her advice! (She isn't the best personal trainer for nothing)

I'm currently in Turks and Caicos so I created a gym outside, threw my bathing suit on and grabbed my sneakers. Oh, and I must add my view was pretty amazing. Like I said before, no pain no gain and I don't care where I am, I'm taking care of my body this year and achieving all of my fit goals on vacation and all!

To see the short version of this workout I did myself Click Here.

Here's the full written vacation workout below:

Warm up always (jumping jack, arm rotations and any hamstring glutes stretch)

Rotation one - 100 steps (simulating jump roping) - 10 step ups (right leg and then left leg) - 25 tricep dips - 15 step ups - 20 tricep dips - 20 step ups - 15 tricep dips

Rotation two - 75 steps - 50 squats (legs are shoulder width apart) - 25 squats (legs together) Notes: super set these two movements 40/20 reps and then 30/15 reps

Rotation three - 50 steps - 25 leg lifts - 25 bicycles - 25 reaches 4 sets

This workout should be done in 25 minutes for proper intensity 30 minutes - you got it done! Anything more than 30 is complete failure!

Let's win! #allsummersixteen

Xo, Blu