Travel Pals


[Major Travel Tip]The key to an awesome getaway is all about the people you travel the world with. Ever since I started traveling, I realized how the people you travel with really impact your trip. It’s all about the people you surround yourself with, and the same goes for when you’re traveling. Whether your traveling with family or friends, make sure you can be around these people for more than 2 hours a day, lol. I’m just saying. When you travel with other people, you’re experiencing life, new adventures and making memories that will last a lifetime. Make your trips worthwhile with amazing people.

How do I pick my travel buddies? That’s easy for me. My family and I are all really close, so traveling with them is something I really enjoy. Especially traveling with my nieces and nephews, that may be my favorite part about family vacations now. My nieces and nephews just bring so much life to every vacation, and I love seeing them smile and get eager for their new adventures. Making memories with the ones you love most are those memories you will cherish forever. Plan vacation ahead of time, and sort the days out so there’s no confusion. Also, make sure everyone is on board with every new adventure. If you plan ahead, there’s a lot less difficulty when planning on the road. Get everyone on the same page ahead of time so the trip can go smoothly.

On the other hand, when I travel with my friends or when my boyfriend and I travel with other couples who we travel with matters. Again, you’re going to be spending the majority of your days with them, so make sure you all get along. However, choosing out travel buddies have always been easy for my boyfriend and I. He chooses his friend, and I choose mine. Luckily, we both like their significant others so it always works. When you have good people around you, choosing your travel buddies becomes easy. For example, Codie is my best friend who lives in New York City, so she's my go-to travel buddy for life . Codie and I met in South Africa about 6 years ago and have been traveling the world together ever since. Her boyfriend, Wes, is literally the best so it just makes couple retreats even sweeter. We officially made Codie and Weston our travel buddies for life because when we all connect we bring a different part of life to each experience which makes for the fun, crazy and memorable vacation times spent together. Luckily Codie is a planner, (I'm not!) so she's always on top of the cool excursions, hot spots, and restaurants that country has to offer. Again, when traveling with people go with some sort of plan, just so everyone is on the same page in all parts of travel - financially, allergy situations, fears, etc. I never get tired of traveling with Codie or Wes, they make every trip even more awesome. My best advice would be to travel with friends who you truly love and don’t get to see often. Make memories with the people you love, the ones that matter most.

Xo, Blu