Highline HiiT #WOW


Are you ready to get this workout in? Let's Goooooooo! Our trainer Lauren Williams is NOT playing around this summer."Let's get fit and look great all summer sixteen," Lauren says, and she means it. As she encouraged a couple weeks ago, let's get outside and get our sweat on with this five round circuit. Again, you can do this circuit at home or on a vacation, no excuses. The more you stay on top of your fitness, the faster you will see results. Ok, so here's the deal with the Highline Hiit workout:

Do each exercise 5 times = 5 Rounds

Each exercise is timed for 45 seconds, with a 15 second transition breather

When you complete one full circuit, take a one minute water break!

The complete circuit should take approximately 20 minutes, meaning you nailed it! Great intensity, awesome workouts, hot bod.

Comment below and let us know if you felt the burn! We are super excited to hear your feedback. Lauren wants to make more #WOW videos catered to what you need, so let us know below. Make sure to follow Lauren on Instagram for more fitness inspo @Lajoy224.