I'm over here celebrating #nationalsmoothieday the only way I know how with an organic @daily_harvest REVIVER smoothie + a fresh mani to match 💅😛🔥 #missionaccomplishedI mean, how else did you expect me to celebrate national smoothie day 😎 #DUH As I've said many of times before and as I will continue to say forever ever—Daily Harvest has got it going on a million times more + more! #YAS I just canNOT get over this company, their vision, their nutrition inspiration, their incredibly health conscious products, and just how much innovative progress they're making in this ever competitive health industry. #GOALS

I've been following Daily Harvest's story for a little while now + I simply adore this company! Daily Harvest is a result of a beautiful mother finding herself yearning for those instagram mouth-watering worthy smoothies, but genuinely not being able to find enough time in her day to properly plan, purchase, prep + create these type of smoothies all before her life duties required her to be elsewhere—whether it was work, mommy-duties or other life requirements—when life hands you obstacles, you learn to swerve and overcome those barriers just like this mother, Rachel Drori, has by creating a remarkable company that does everything she's been needing!

Daily Harvest thrives off of being able to provide you with ready-to-blend smoothies that are made with real ingredients meticulously created by a team of chefs + nutritionists. #reallife🏆

These smoothies are 110% nutritiously based + health conscious because LET me tell you—did you know that frozen fruits and veggies [typically] contain a higher nutritional value than "fresh" fruits and veggies found in the produce isle? Yes. This is true, VERY much so true + this is exactly why I am #obsessed with this company. Daily Harvest's ingredient are always picked at peak maturity + flash frozen to ensure the highest quality product while still maintaining nutrient solidity without using harsh chemicals or added suga' 🌱🚫🌱 need I say more?

Or shall I tell you jus how convenient these babes are to make by solely adding 1 cup of a liquid base of your choice, blend, sip + enjoy?

PAUSE, how even more convenient if you use my code: HAZL25 to receive 25% off your first 6-pack of smoothies. #igotyou ✊

For real for real, all ya’ gotta do is get hip to the Daily Harvest smoothie game—order a few of their smoothies and it's GAME ON 😅👊

Once you have decided on a liquid base—THIS is where the magic begins—add all ingredients PLUS 1 cup of your chosen liquid into any type of blender you have on hand, blend until smooth, pour the smoothie back into the Daily Harvest portable cup [that now has a press-on cover with a straw hole 😍 ] + DRINK UP, enjoy, and proceed to carry on with your day!

RACHEL DRORI, you are genius + so inspiring!

This company does all of the work for you by providing you with superfoods super fast and ya' know what? THEY NAIL IT every dang time with every smoothie creation! I cannot wait to see what more they have in store for the smoothie game 💚 all I know is that I'll be front row + center waiting!