Mindset of GREATNESS


I truly believe our greatness comes from the mindset we set for ourselves. #mondaymotives  The other day after I finished yoga, our teacher read a quote and it said something along the lines of ;if you knew how powerful your mind was you would never think a negative thought. At that moment, I realized how powerful everything that runs through this big head of mine truly is. Whether they're good thoughts, bad thoughts, sad thoughts, past thoughts I literally can tell how my thoughts effect my everyday life. If you follow the handle, @mindsetofgreatness on Instagram (obsessed), they recently posted this meme and it's now the front of my lockscreen (yes, I am the queen of screen shotting everything).

Dream your biggest. What is your dream? If you had no limits, what do you really desire? If a genie came to you right now and said what do you dream of, could you answer him? DREAM and have no limits when you do so. When you realize your dreams, start visualizing them. Maybe make a vision board, set goals, and start keeping track of your progress. There's no such thing of a dream being too big, never. So dream your biggest, everyday, all day. I remember when my dream was to play college basketball, I literally use to sleep with my ball, watch basketball movies all night, and carry that orange ball everywhere with me. "Eat, sleep, and drink your dreams," my dad use to tell us and guess what, in time my basketball dreams came to fruition.

Work your hardest. No dream can come true without hardwork, remember that. Anyone can dream but not everyone is willing to put in the work. In order to get what you want, you must work your hardest to reach your goals. Work harder than anyone else in order to be the best. And yes, you may face some obstacles or rough patches along the way but it's ok. Make every hardship a lesson in life, and turn that failure into success. So work your hardest and watch how far your dreams will take you.

Be your greatest. The special word in that sentence is 'your' because we all are great in our own ways. My greatness might not look like your greatness, but we both know we reached that point of greatness and that's all that matters. After your dreams are set, your work ethic is put to test, you are given the chance to shine in your greatness, so do so! Be the best you can be!

Be your greatest. Dream big, work hard, be great!

Xo, Blu