Top 3 things you MUST do in Providenciales


I'm pretty much a local now in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Here is a list of my favorite things I love to do on the island. #traveltips Ok, so in a prior post (click here) I already raved about some things I love to do in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos but I have a couple more things I'd like to add. So, if you checked out my post, Round 2 Turks and Caicos, you know I love three things; Provo Ponies, Crackpot Chicken, and The Gansevoort Hotel. To be completely honest, you NEED to do all three of those things while visiting Providenciales, but in addition to the beautiful Provo Ponies, you must go on an Island Vibes Tour, visit Iguana Island, and lastly have dinner on the beach!

Island Vibes Tour: Grab your man and your besties and jump on the Island Vibes Tour boat to have some fun in the sun, some good tipsy island punch, snorkeling, fresh conch ceviche and a cool tour of Half Moon Bay. This boat tour is a half day tour that you don't want to miss. It's just FUN! You have two cool local captains as tour guides that steer you along the waters past the coral reef. Next you can either can jump off the boat, go down the slide or grab some snorkel gear and see all the beautiful nemos! I love snorkeling, the ocean is so beautiful! Oh - and don't be ashamed to wear a life jacket, I always do. So while you're chillin' jammin to music or snorkeling away, one of the captains are off finding fresh conch to crack opento later make conch ceviche. Ahhhh, the taste of fresh good! Ok, so after your snorkel you vibe out to Half Moon Bay and it's just peaceful and gorgeous. Here you can go off and chill, or like me and my friends, have a photoshoot -lol! At Half Moon Bay the captain also cracks the conch and teaches you how to make fresh conch ceviche straight from the shell and it's pretty cool. After the good vibes it's time to get back home. You can eat some fresh conch ceviche and look at the beautiful views from the waters of Providenciales on this awesome Island Vibes Tour.

Iguana Island: Get on a boat and ask to be taken to Iguana Islands. BUT, only if you like critters because there are a bunch of big iguanas all over the island! It's super cool on Iguana Island. When we went to the island we took some grapes and tomatoes to feed the iguanas. We would throw tomatoes in the air and all the iguanas would  scatter around and eat all the fruits and veg. It's fun searching for there crazy critters as they camouflage into the grass and plants of the island. My boyfriend has a blast here everytime we go, Iguana Island the best.

Dinner on the Beach:  I'm a hopeless romantic, so what tops having dinner on the beach with your loved ones? NOTHING! You're on vacation so live a little. My friends and I had dinner on the beach at my favorite, Gansevoort Hotel, and it was so beautiful. I can't even explain how special this night was to me. It was just perfect. We had a family style meal which was delicious. We ended dinner with a delightful fruit tarte dessert as we listened to the waves crash and toasted to another year of this beautiful life. Soon after dinner the Gansevoort held a bonfire on the beach just for us with my all time favorite, SMORES! Could this night get any better? Have dinner on the beach and bask in the beauty of Providenciales. Live!

Xo, Blu