Ain't nothing to it, but to just DO IT + do it in turmeric style! And by turmeric style, I mean add 1 teaspoon of that sh*t to EVERY thing, EVERY where, EVERY day.

Turmeric has been poppin' up just about everywhere lately and I couldn't be more ecstatic because, well, DUH—I 💛 turmeric. #reallife I instantly became obsessed with this spice when I first ever learned about turmeric in culinary school. The bight and beautiful yellow spice belongs to the ginger family + has been used as a powerful medicine source amidst the ancient Chinese and Indian all-natural remedies as an anti-inflammatory powerhouse to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions!

I'm constantly looking for, finding + creating new ways to implement turmeric into my daily routine—from bright and colorful turmeric summer popsicles to fresh turmeric marinated wild-caught salmon to [one of my new found addictions] a luscious turmeric—choco mousse 🙌 #YAS, we can do it ALL + gain so much beneficial body loving goodness from this quitessential spice!

Turmeric is used to add color, flavor + many nutritional benefits when cooking. From ancient times all the way up until now, this spice has been known to aid in the relief of many health problems. Turmeric is a known powerhouse for it's anti-inflammatory properties + has been used medically for thousands of years is an incredible nutritional source to aid with immune system, digestion, skin health, arthritis, and even cancer.

The main phytochemical that gives turmeric its most impressive color and amazing wide-rang of health benefits is curcuminoid—which is an all-natural chemical compound + a major active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric offers a profusion amount of antioxidants that are capable of supporting cellular health + to here's just a quick list of other health benefits that this spice attains:

  • helps to regulate + balance cholesterol levels
  • promotes mood balance
  • helps heal wounds
  • provides relief with aches + discomfort
  • obtains soothing properties on digestion
  • encourages balanced blood sugar
  • helps stiff joints loosen
  • soothes irritated tissue

When I use turmeric, I typically use the fresh [looks very similar to ginger] OR dry root form which is essentially the most common way of using turmeric. Dry root form is merely the "powder" rendition of the spice that can be found down the herb + spice isle at any local grocery story.

Stay tuned later on this week for one of my favorite recipes utilizing turmeric in a fun way! #comingsoon