Don't have time?!


I hate that excuse but let's face it some of us are just really super busy this summer to get a solid workout in. Don't sweat it, Lauren is at our fit rescue, per usual. #fitTIPSfriday We all have a lot of stuff going on this summer. Kids, travels, school, birthdays I mean, summers get pretty hectic. Especially when you're traveling, how are you suppose to stay fit on the road? I find that staying fit on the road is one of my hardest problems. One, I never have any workout neccessities and two I just eat bad on vacation. Well today Lauren is definitely solving on of my articles in her latest feature article on (Yes, your personal trainer is the BOMB.COM).

Check out Lauren's 10 minute fullbody workout here  in her latest feature. In this article you will discover how you can do a complete body weight workout in ten minutes that you can do ANYWHERE. Whether your on vacation, with the kids, or even at school you can get this ten minute workout in and win. Let's get to it! #allsummersixteen

I hope you all are having an awesome summer! Let us know how your fit journey is coming along down below in the comment section. How's the sweat? We can't wait to hear from you!

Xo, Bluhazl & @Lajoy224