Happy 4th of July from Lake Burton


We hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend! We spent our weekend at a secret gem in Georgia, Lake Burton.Don't you just love the 4th of July? It's a day to celebrate a couple key ingredients of our amazing nation, freedom and independence. Nonetheless, it's our excuse to eat hot dogs, burgers, grab a drink and watch the fireworks all weekend long. I just love America! So this weekend we discovered one of the most beautiful lakes ever right here in Georgia, Lake Burton. Lake Burton is about 2 hours away from Atlanta, in Clarkesville, Georgia but totally worth the drive. When I say it's in the mountains, it really is. We barely had any phone service the entire weeekend, but we thanked the tech gods for Wi-Fi. Hazl has friends that have a lake house at Lake Burton, so she mentioned it to me and I jumped on it. I found a lake house to rent and we bounced to Lake Burton for the 4th of July weekend. I don't even know where to begin to tell you how incredible this lake holiday weekend truly was.

As I've mentioned before in my travel adventures, renting a house with friends is vital for financial reasons but most importantly for making memories. The more people you invite the less expensive the rental house becomes. Everyone wins and everyone has the time of their life. We sure did.

The lakehouse we rented was beautiful! The house had 7 bedrooms, a bar, pool table and a boat house with jet skis. Talk about a win! We went jet skiing and and boating all weekend long and the views of Lake Burton are unreal. I never knew Georgia was such a beautiful state until the past weekend. Here at Lake Burton the views of the mountains are breathtaking and the lake houses are some of the best I've ever seen. So if you live or are visiting Georgia, Lake Burton is definitely a destination for some good family, friend fun on the lake.

Xo, Blu