It's the holiday season and I just keep hearing people talk about detoxing, eating clean, and getting back on their 'healthy game' because they want to be able to 'splurge' BIG. TIME. within these next few weeks for the holidays.


Please, let me help you get that whole notion out of your head. You don't have to ever think of food in the way of having to restrict yourself so you can merely indulge for a special occasion. No. Stop that. 

This is where mind over matter comes in and WE. GET. IT. DONE. TOGETHER. Here are three tips that I strongly believe in that we all must slowly implement into out daily lives as a lifestyle because after all, nutrition is a lifestyle.


WATER. Yes. Always. All day. Every single day. For eternity. No if's, and's, or big booty's about it. Our bodies are made up of 55-60% water and is 110% responsible for every process in the human body. If you are not giving yourself enough water on a daily basis [don't be this person] you are easily putting yourself at a disadvantage and not allowing your body to be able combat daily stresses, fight fatigue, keep your skin glowing, allow efficient metabolism, and SO. MANY. OTHERS. All it takes is about 8-10 cups a day [or more if you're exercising and working up a sweat] but have a little fun with it to make it more exciting. Infuse your water with herbs, lemons, grapefruit, other fruits, and anything else! You can also "eat" water if you find it too daunting to consume 8-10 cups a day with water-rich foods! Bomb.


GET. ACTIVE. I'm just going to be quite frank with you, STOP. THE. EXCUSES. Quit putting it off. Don't wait for the new year. DO. IT. NOW. Grab your BFF and hold each other accountable. Join OUR #squad and tune into the blog every single Wednesday to break a sweat with us and our girl Lauren! It doesn't matter where you are, we can get IT. IN. from your office space, living room, and even your hotel. START. SOMEWHERE. Being physically active is crucial for heart because your heart will get trained to beat slower and stronger needing less oxygen to function. When you get up and get moving, your whole mind-set will CHANGE. FOR. THE. BETTER. because exercise has been proven to improve certain aspects of cognitive thinking! Let's get it in.


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS. Facts. Big time. This is hands down the *most important rule of life that I have learned in 2015. There isn't anything better than surrounding yourself with people who MAKE. YOU. BETTER. and SUPPORT. YOU. in all realms of life. You have to be willing to love yourself unconditionally in order to allow others to LOVE. YOU. in ways in which they will SOLELY push you to be the BEST version of yourself, teach you things, cheer you on, and inspire you to want more, do more, and be more. You're you, that's your superpower. Implementing a more nutritiously sound lifestyle is SO. MUCH. FUN. when you can share the experience with friends. From being able to hunt for healthier options when ordering take-out with friends to cooking up a recipe with #real ingredients with your squad will make this journey THAT much more fun, special, and will totally make you want to keep doing it. So grab your crew and let's kick those holiday pounds outta' here because there's no such thing!