HOLY almost April. By the end of this week we'll be entering into a new month. What in the what? Insane. I wish I could stop time. If only. I'm over here trying to recoup from indulging in way too many Justin's mini-dark choco pbcups last night, but HEY—at least they're #realfood. HA.

Any who, have you ever been the one to say—healthy meals take too long? Or what even does a healthy meal consist of? Or even, healthy is too dang expensive, send backup. STAT. It’s pretty normal if you’ve had those kind of thoughts and conversations because it’s real life. I've been there, felt that, and said that plenty of times. Through my years of learning and studying, a healthy lifestyle is not nearly as intimidating as you think.


I cannot allow you to accept these kind of defeats about wanting to start a healthy lifestyle because there is more to nutrition than those stigmas floating around. What I enjoy most about being in the nutrition world is being able to show, teach, and educate individuals that all of these—quote on quote, “stereotypes” of nutrition are talked about to be mere intimidation factors that don’t really hold up to their hype. You just have to be patient and listen, learn, and be willing to try new things! BE adventurous. Don't be intimidated. BE open to new flavors and trying new food. BE YOU—create your own style.

Here are three HEALTH + WELLNESS RULES that I truly do live and swear by EVERY single day that helpS me stay true to who I am, what i do, AND what I believe in—I'M constantly learning how to create the #BEST version of myself possible AND YOU BABES SHOULD TOO!


READ—there’s no better superpower than knowledge. Educate yourself about vegetables, grains, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Do a little research yourself on how they affect the body. Learn and experiment how to utilize ingredients through different cooking methods and techniques, spices, marinates, and such things by reading. Dare I even say watch a few #youtubetutorials? Yes. Do it. Visual learning is just as crucial as virtual. There are countless cookbooks on the market that will make it super fun, easy, and simple to get your nutrition game up!


SLOW + STEADY—wins the race, right? RIGHT. Please don’t you dare go cold-turkey once you make the choice to ultimately start leading a healthy lifestyle. No, don't do that. Ever. With anything. That'll make it worse and literally make you despise nutrition. And, pretty pretty please do not cut out every single thing that is “bad” at the same moment. Moderation is key. Take it one day at a time. Start by slowly removing certain sugars, fats, oils, and/or grains from your lifestyle one at a time. Don't try to do too much too soon, it'll seem all too intimidating. Overwhelming. Daunting. Take it slow. 


INVEST—in yourself. Every single day. You have to. You only have this one life to live. How do you want to spend living it? Do you want to live your life developing different health-related diseases or would you want to take control of your health now to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself in order to live a bright and vivacious future? Exactly. I'm with you on that last one too! You are your best asset and you should be your biggest investment of all. Spending an extra few dollars on #organic products is WORTH IT. Preparing your meals a head of time so you can eat a week full of homemade meals and snacks is WORTH IT. Investing in your health and wellness is WORTH IT. Know that, remember that, and live by that. Your health is your wealth but most importantly remember you are what you eat—so let’s be nothing but all of those body beauty loving nutrients that we talk about frequently! We're in this together. #INVEST in yourself.

your body is your tempLe, cherish it.