First off, we're totally in this clean eating lifestyle together. Don't forget that. #hazlsway

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions lately about how I maintain a nutritiously based lifestyle on an every day basis without feeling the urge to give binge on a whole bag of doritos. PAUSE. ModerationToday, I’m going to share a few of my everyday body beauty essential habits that I’ve learned along because clean eating should be energizing, delicious, fun, and rewarding. HEY HOTT BODY HEEEY. #goals

To be clear, PSA: I haven’t always been a clean eater. My mum and I were literally just talking about how I was unhealthily addicted to the tall 32-ounce can of Arizona Iced Tea and golden oreos—so much so that when I was in high school, I remember for one Christmas all I asked Mom and Dad Clause for was Arizona Iced Tea and golden oreos. No joke. Real life. Horrible, just horrible. Like, WHAT. Who does that? I did. It wasn’t until college, towards the middle of my second year as a culinary student when the idea of food and nutrition started to change.

It took me a little time to realize that food is your friend, food is fuel, and how by eating the proper nutrients on a daily basis genuinely does play a major role in your mood, energy, happiness, and practically everything in life.

LET'S DO THIS. We have to. Taking the time to incorporate my everyday body beauty essentials will have you feeling like a million bucks from the inside out. I wholeheartedly believe that the tips I’m going to share with you will 100,000,000,010% make an incredible impact on your life. CHEERS to gaining more energy, a slimmer figure, healthy skin, strong hair + nails, a happier smile, and an all-around joyful life.

my everyday FOOD essentialS—

  • WARM LEMON WATER—every morning. Start now. Take your favorite mug, juice ½ of a lemon into it, and top it right off with warm filtered water. Warm water in the morning supports healthy morning elimination and by adding in the fresh lemon juice—you’re starting off your day with an internal cleanse aiding in an immunity boost of collagen, detoxification, and alkalinity to achieve optimal digestion. If you’re feeling like a true baller shot caller, add in fresh ginger and turmeric for a blast of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

  • GREENS—duh. Always. Up your servings to atleast 2+ helpings of leafy greens everyday. It’s crucial to be eating every color of the rainbow daily, but it’s even more imperative to include plenty of greens. Greens help with healing, detoxifying, clearing up skin blemishes, and packed with body beauty loving nutrients. FUN FACTS: kale heals and clears skin while boosting cell turnover, spinach supports cell renewal and repair, romaine supports glowing smooth skin, collard greens fuel skin repair + boost antiaging glutathione production—are you convinced yet?

  • STAY HYDRATED—you have to. Our bodies require water in order to be able to perform crucial functions like digestion, nutrient absorption, waste removal, and metabolism. Also, out skin in about 70% water and without frequent hydration, our skin will lose that beautiful glow that we all aim to achieve.

  • FRESH HERBS + SPICES—better stay on fleek. Fa' real. Utilizing fresh herbs and spices is literally one of (if not THE) easiest way to add instant flavor, antioxidant, antiaging, and phytochemicals  to your daily routine. These add quality BOMB AF beauty benefits instantaneously. Let's get that spice rack on point, maybe consider planting a little herb garden, but it's imperative we

  • HEALTHY PROTEIN + HEALTHY FAT—at each and every meal to aid in blood sugar stability. Blood sugar stability is one of the main focuses when striving to maintain healthy sling, ideal weight, hormone balance, energy, and antiaging. Get you a cup of chickpeas with 1/2 of an avocado or toss your quinoa + veggie blend with some melted coconut oil—the options are endless.

  • FEAST ON SEASONAL FRUITS + VEGGIES—what's better than in-season goods? Not a dang thing because in-season foods offer the most concentrated and targeted amounts of nutrients to feed your body. When you can, I say score you some local goods at your nearest Farmer's Market.

  • PROBIOTICS + FERMENTED FOODS—its true, our gut is a beautiful attribute and we must take care of it with daily servings of healthy bacteria for better digestion to ensure our gut is being strengthened. I'm talking kombucha, kimchi, 

  • SUPPLEMENTS—if needed and/or wanted. Fish oil, multivitamins, collagen, ashwaganda, or even just a little boost of vitamin D goes along way. Adding in extra body beauty nutrients solely heightens your insides to make you look and few phenomenal. Try taking them in the morning everyday or set a little reminder at a specific time every day so you won't forget.

  • PROPERLY PLAN MEAL TIME—this might be a little tricky for all of our hectic and super busy schedules, but implementing spaces out meals respectfully supports optimal blood sugar balance, digestion, and MOST importantly keeps you from getting that sluggish feeling during the middle of your day. Planning out your meal times plus adding in a few nutritional snacks here and there is worth it. You're worth it, remember that.

How do these everyday FOOD essentials sound?

Do they seem feasible? Do they seem like something you could see yourself slowly, but surely implementing into your lifestyle? OR—are they daunting? Are they overwhelming? Are they just unreasonable? I want to know your thoughts. Tell me. Tell me! I'm here to help you! Let me know what you think about these body beauty everyday essentials and if you're actually going to get right to it and START. THEM. NOW!