HA, but really! Although this most certainly is NOT the weather I'm facing today [enter major eye roll here] there are only two, I #repeat TWO days until Thanksgiving, 33 days until Christmas, and a little over a month until the New Year—can you believe that it’s already that time of the year again?


It’s heart-warming walking through the shopping malls and grocery stores hearing fun holiday music play because there’s just nothing like THIS time of year. Today, I just wanted to touch on self-love, inner beauty, and you [yo'self] being your own validation during the holiday season. I know there’s a whole lot of, what am I even going to wear for all of these festive parties we'll all be attending within the next two months? I even get plagued with the—I have nothing to wear, nothing fits, nothing looks right, nothing feels good, and I can’t even find anything in the stores that 'catches' my eye—SOS. Round the troops. SEND back-up. JK. #butreally


I'm here to lessen the pressure during the holiday season and inspire to bring forth peace, in all realms. I’m here to remind you beautiful babes that it is most certainly A-okay to feel like a hot-mess express with not knowing what what to wear, what to bring as a side dish or dessert, or what to even buy to presents for your family. I'm here because PAUSE, if you didn’t feel this type of way—are you even human? JK. I know you are, but the holidays are some of the most stressful, yet #memorable times of the year and I have three quick tips to help you full indulge in these next two months!


SELF-DISCIPLINE—no, I promise you don't need that third dinner roll. TRUST ME. Please. I struggle with this choice #every singe holiday season, BUT HEY, isn't that why we eat clean so we can splurge here and there when we want to? Yes. Yes a million and four times. All we have to do is have a little bit of this and a little bit of that [just get a taste of that mac n' cheese or that sweet potato pie] and *remember why we eat REAL FOOD knowing that our mind may be telling us YES, but we know better than to go too over-board.


UNPLUG—listen, I'm right there with you wanting to take pictures and videos all through out the big holiday days! Yes, that's me. ESPECIALLY pictures of the beautiful spread of delicious food, table setting, and #hilarious dancing videos of my nieces and nephews because MEMORIES. WE. HAVE. TO. Being able to look back on all of the pictures, funny faces, mouths stuffed full of food going up for seconds, and little snippet videos is 110% abso-friggen-lutely EVERYTHING. When I say 'unplug'---I mean, unplug from the world, social media, and all of those websites we frequently check for good reads. Put that phone on #donotdisturb mode and KEEP it moving! Enjoy the company of the ones you're spending the day or night with and really BE. IN. THE. MOMENT. Don't take it for granted. Share pictures after, send pictures after, and post pictures to social media AFTER. 


RELAX—kick your feet up, take a load off, and simply relax. Literally. Relax. Just do it. WOOSAH. Indulge in the love that is surrounding you and tune out the work day that you may have to face tomorrow. Cherish this beautiful time of the year with the ones you love most. Be in the moment. Be present. Be alive. Be awesome!