BODY BEAUTY: lemon(s)


HOLD UP, wait a minute—let me put some lemon in it 🍋💦 LOL, but for real for real, does anyone else add or use lemon for practically everything in the kitchen + even beyond the kitchen walls?

Or is it just me? 🙄

As I sit here listening to lemonade by Queen Bey [of course] I've come to the realization that lemons are seriously the friggen! No joke—how do people even have the audacity to say they do not like lemons? #coocoobirdalert🚨

But really, whether it's adding a few lemon wedges to your water everyday for a little spa-like action to kick boost your immune system or making a super quick lemon + coconut vinaigrette for a hefty salad OR even just adding a little fresh lemon zest + juice to your lemon-berry protein smoothie bowl after a kick butt workout 🏋🏽 lemons are 110% in my top 5 fruits that I must always have on hand at ALL times! If you're into eating pretty, just as much as I am, you'll love the benefits that lemons will add to your life.

PSA: we all know that lemons are packed with awesome amounts of collagen-building vitamin C, but did you know that lemons are flowing with immune-boosting bioflavonoids [a plant-based group of compounds found within citrus fruits essentially known as vitamins] that strengthens the blood vessels and boosts lymph flow 😍 aiding in the prevention of varicose [swollen or abnormally large] veins? Yes, you read it right. Lemons aid in the ability to keep your blood flowing as it naturally and regularly should as well as strengthening the blood vessels too! #lemons4POTUS🏅

If you know me, you know I can never go anywhere without ordering a "water with lemon + a few extra on the side!" 🙆 LOL, seriously—even ask Blu. Lemons are one of the fruits that I always make sure to have a minimum of 4 in my fruit bowl in the kitchen at all times. I use lemons all year round, but typically during the early spring season is when you'll be able to find the juiciest and most scrumptious tasting lemons of all (lemon goals)  because let's be real, the simple fact that lemons intuitively have a diuretic + laxative effect aid in the ability for us babes to keep a flat tummy all day ⚡️😎⚡️ and disregard that 'winter bod'.

Transitioning from winter to spring, I find my body craving powerful detoxification boosts + lemons are a perfect fruit to provide your body with strong natural alkaline juices! Lemons are a profound liver-loving beauty enhancer that obtains top of the line properties that will cleanse the blood, flush out your digestive tract, and stimulate bile + saliva 💛 and did you know that lemon peels contain a specific acid called hydroxy acid that naturally contain properties that will brighten, tighten, and exfoliate? #YES so try rubbing a fresh chard of lemon gently on your body where you have started to notice dark spots, rough textures, or even stained nails—to smooth + lighten, then of course rinse away with cool water.

I've been into lemons ever since I could remember and one of the fondest memories I have with lemons is when my mum would make her crystal light lemonade iced tea and have a whole stock of lemon wedges in a baggie in the fridge—ready + waiting! LOL, I'm over here cracking few chuckles thinking about how many times I [and my siblings too] have shaken the infamous water jug after adding the packets to mix up that dang iced tea + then poured mum a glass topped off with a fresh squeeze of lemon! #truelife #goodtimes