Do you ever feel that your gut needs a little bit of "umph" or even just a whole lot of extra body beauty loving boost of probiotics A.K.A the good bacteria to keep everything flowing properly? HOLLA' a big y-e-s if you babes are with me on this one because YOU'RE CORRECT. Your body is constantly craving that good bacteria while maintaining a balance with the natural occurring bad bacteria and yeast in our digestive system. #everyday

Probiotics are something that naturally occur in our digestive systems. They are made from the foods we eat—which can get tricky if you're not consuming REAL whole foods, but are indulging in the "standard American diet." Foods that are extremely processed that contain antibiotics from dairy and meat + foods lacking in fiber will not set ourselves up for a prosperous healthy digestive system. The way our bodies naturally create proboscis are from the foods we consume through prebiotics—prebiotics are essentially the food for bacteria to feed on, they're indigestible ingredients.

Probiotics are the REAL deal. There are countless bacterial strains in the world, let alone found within your gut that have been studied and 100% provides real research on aiding in the ability to ease or help improve certain symptoms or diseases. It's incredible to have done research on the power of probiotics with symptoms and diseases because probiotics can be helpful if you can be suffering from allergies, high blood pressure, diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance, and more. MANY things can and will most certainly affect gut motility including lifestyle, stress levels, and what your eating habits are on a daily basis.

I've been drinking kombucha ["booch"] for over 3 years now and to be honest, I do not know what in the dang world my life was like before it. I drink my booch on the regular, anytime of the day. Kombucha is essentially an ancient tea-based probiotic drink that is fermented with the addition of a culture of yeast and good-gut bacteria. It originated in Asia and provides healthful micronutrients and the good-gut bacteria that is beneficial to the body by enhancing digestion, detoxification, and gives a BIG boost to the immune system! 

It is vegan, gluten-free, KOSHER, non-GMO + 100% raw, alive and organic! Kombucha is full of real nourishment for the gut that will spark your taste buds and give you that extra little boost of life you might just be missing—when you really think about it, drinking kombucha allows for you to consume living food for a living body, it doesn't get much better than that.

One of my go-to kombucha brands is HealthAde Kombucha because they stay authentic to the process and are THE ONLY commercial fermented bottled kombucha in glass that prevents plastic and metal leaching. It's made the all-natural way with #only the highest quality ingredients. HealthAide "inspires us ALL to trust their mind, body, and gut—so we're all happy and healthy."