BODY BEAUTY: i'm back!

BEAUTIFUL SOULS, hi. to all of the NEW + returning babeswe're back! and SO much better, literally. I could NOT be more e x c i t e d as i sit here typing on a whole #new space, let alone to be sharing our brand spankin' new website with you ALL because who doesn't love a little major UPgrade? #YAS #VIBETRIBEKILLEDIT on this one, as always. so here i welcomeee you babes to our NEW vibes, same sisters! 

it's TUESDAY + on tuesday's i'll be talking all things #bodybeauty! from body beauty products to ingredients to items i've just fallen in love with that are 110% solely going to make you a more beautiful little being from the INSIDE-out. that's the most important thing to me, starting from the inside. i've created a space within the new website called [THE FEEL GOOD FILES] that consist of my recipes, fitness, and some pretty bomb nutritional tips [body body inspired] because as much as we may or may not believe, BEAUTY IS SKIN-DEEP + BEAUTY STARTS WITHIN.

nutritional tips are EVERY thing. like MAJOR KEY ALERT: nutritional tips is one of my favorite new sections + within this section, you can find all of my #bodybeauty goodies with a new post EVERY tuesday! i'll be sharing all of the products that i've become obsessed with and explaining why i am so #obsessed as well as highlighting simple food items that are nutrient dense that aid in body beauty from the inside-out. YAS! #eatbetterfeelbetter

after graduating college just about a year ago in culinary nutrition—I have whole-heartedly fell in love with nutrition and all that it truly has to offer because by making simple changes in your diet on a daily basis, nutrition will 210% improve your quality of life in ALL aspects. consuming real food made with real ingredients is what it's truly all about and exactly where we all must begin. i've made a pact with myself to bring forth ingredients + products every week that i love, consume on a daily basis that feed the soul + aids in the notion that beauty starts on the inside through nutrition in order to allow yourself to shine bright on the outside. it's all about that clean eating #realfood lifestyle + i'm here to help you see how easy it can be if you just educate yourself. STAY tuned for so much more!

EAT pretty, FEEL gorg. #lifemotto