Cleanse. Detox. Crash diet. Juicing. Flushing yo' system of those holiday eatsis all the hype of what I've been hearing lately. It makes me cringe. I wholeheartedly respect the dire need to feel A1 about yourself, your body, and the urge to want to cleanse. I do. I get it. I'm right there with you. It's just, we HAVE. TO. START. start looking at detoxing in a completely new light and throw out those notions of 'juicing' is the go-to because quite frankly, juicing is unsafe and quite ineffective. 


There's no way to cleanse effectively, unless you're eating (smoothies included) food on a regular basis. You must fuel your systems properly in order to allow them to function as they should. We're PRO-food and ANTI-juice. We cleanse with food, not just juice. Forever. Ever. Ever. 

In all honesty, you don't even have to cleanse and make a big ol' ordeal out of it. All you really have to do is start implementing the proper nutrition into your every day lifestyle in order to allow your body to do what is meant to do consistently. I'm talking about ALL. THE. vegetables, carbohydrates, omega's, fats, and everything in between that will make you feel like a whole new person naturally.

This cleanse isn't about counting calories or macronutrients. It's about eating often, eating when you're hungry, and eating #realfood. This cleanse most certainly isn't like a 'one size fits all' kind of thing because GUESS. WHAT. everyone is built differently. That's why nutrition is so dang fascinating and individualized. I'm going to break everything down further in my next post so this doesn't seem like a daunting post with a whole lot of words everywhere.