With every #newyear comes all of those really inspiring SUPER ambitious resolutions to stick to and accomplish within the next 365 days, but doesn't that just seem SO. DANG. DAUNTING? Or is it just me? Personally, I get really anxious during the holiday season and especially during the first month of the new year. I'm not big AT. ALL. on the whole #newyearnewme kind of thing and most certainly do not take well to 'resolutions' because in my mind, we all should be working towards our GOALS every dang day! No exceptions. I think resolutions are a hoax. SRY. 

In the world we live in today, there's so much pressure to be perfectto dream big, strive to accomplish your goals ALL. THE. WHILE. expected to know what you want to become, have your life figured out, to have a killer paying job, and to be poppin' at such a young age.

Like, but is that really how it's supposed to happen? What if I change my mind mid-way through college? Send backup. What if I just want to pack up and travel? What if, what if? Isn't life a trip? THINK. ABOUT. IT.during our early twenty's we're expected to know what we want to become and work at it BUT at the same time, we're told to LIVE. We're told be young and experience life. Life is a beautiful roller coaster and it's insane how during your early twenty's you're feeling ALL. TYPES. OF. FEELS. Chaos. Stress. Confusion. Highs. Lows. New friendships. Broken-hearts. Memories. Laughter. Sleepless nights. Roommates. Adventures. Flat tires. 


Looking back, nearly two years since graduating collegethe pressure is real. REAL. Big time. What I've learned is that YOU. HAVE. TO. SEPARATE. YOURSELF. from the world and the stigmas that have been created to mock what we all should be. You have know that YOU. ARE. IN. YOUR. OWN. LANE. Stop comparing yourself to the person next to you, to the person you see on social media or the person plastered all over the magazines modeling for insanely lucrative brands at the age of 18, if not younger. You are not those people. You do not live that life. You are you. You are destined to live your own path. You are BOMB AF and you are enough.

In 2017, INSTEAD OF HAVING A LIST OF resolutionsi will JUST be.

Be me. Be better. Be motivated. Be spunky. Be dedicated. Be strong. Be courageous. Be creative. Be determined. Be willing. Be hardworking. Be happy. Be fun. Be adventurous. Be a winner. Be free of expectations. Be real. Be memorable. Be ambitious AF.  

Who's with me?