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Couple's Retreat

The Bahamas, one of my favorite places on Earth! Hazl and I are Bahamian, our Dad's grandfather is Bahamian, so when I visit the Bahamas it is extra special because we have a lot of family on the island of the Bahamas, Nassau and Eluthera, that I get to visit.Did you know that the Bahamas is made up of around 700 little islands? Well, this trip we are cruising to Nassau on a Yacht with other couples, close friends of ours to celebrate a birthday celebration, and docking at Atlantis.

Crystal clear blue waters, white powder sand, and bright blue skies = Turtle Cay, an island not too far from Nassau. From Nassau it took us about an hour or so by boat to get to Turtle Cay. The island is known as Turtle Cay because here you can swim with the turtles! My best friend Codie did exactly that, thanks to Go Pro and @codiecabral...

We also brought along Jet Skis! Jet Skiing is one of the most thrilling water sports I have ever done. Although we flipped over on the jet ski about 5 minutes after this photo, we still had a blast and everyone was safe afterwards, lol!

Near Turtle Cay there's an island where they claimed that the "Gilligan's Island,"  famous television house was located. It was pretty awesome, and super abandoned with long palm trees and parts of what look like use to be the house you would see on the Gilligan's Island show. My friends and I were exploring each part of the broken down house - but just be careful if you come here a lot of nails and broken wood are located all around this island.

A four day, and three night trip on the Yacht was amazing. I never slept on a yacht before but it was actually easy and really convenient. The yacht came with an amazing staff and great chefs! We hung out at Atlantis when we docked, gambled and partied a bit and had great day trips to Turtle Cay and other islands nearby. The Bahamas is an amazing island. Great food, great views, beautiful clear waters and powder sand. I can not wait to go back and be a BAHAMAS MAMA!

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