Do you relate more towards your black or white side?


Do you relate more towards your black or white side? (Please never repeat that question)

Dear those who wonder the following; ” Do you relate more towards your black side or white side?” Never ask me this question- NEVER ever again!

I relate to whatever RELATES TO ME! Black or White does not relate to me- at all. A personality, similar interests, and intelligence relates to me. So whether it’s white, black, silver or gold- that’s what I relate to. I relate to beautiful people that have the same interests as me.

Why don’t you ask me “What interests me?” I can answer this for you in a nicer manner; I’m interested in sports, played basketball all my life; love to surf; outdoors; reading ; movies; traveling; dogs; food and any sort of candy >> Have you judged me yet?

I relate to love, intelligence, spiritual conversations, and most importantly GOD.

I do not see color.

My father raised Hazl and I with the saying, " Beauty is not on the outside, but in the inside," and I live with this ideal every single day.

I have so many white friends and so many black friends, friends of so many different ethnicities in whom I relate to just as much as I relate to the other. I love good people. I love people for who they are.

You be the judge. Better yet- Don’t judge, it’s never good to judge. All lives matter.

xoxo, Blu

Please do NOT stereotype me to be white or black. I am me. Interracial. Not a color.