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Girl's Trip in P A R A D I S E !

Girl's trip of the year was definitely Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Hazl, my bff Codie (@codiecabral) , and I decided to celebrate Hazl's college graduation by traveling to Providenciales for four nights in paradise! None of us have ever been, and honestly I did not know what to expect - but after a bit of Google and travel blog researching with our fingers crossed we landed in PARADISE.So Providenciales is one of the many islands of Turks and Caicos. We stayed at an incredible hotel, The Gansevoort, which was by far the best choice we could have made. The Gansevoort in Turks and Caicos is simply stunning. The hotel concierge greeted us at the airport, where you take a $15 taxi to the hotel. Next, we were greeted in the lobby with some fruity island punch and blown away by the pool views! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

Instead of heading straight to our room, Hazl and I went to grab a bite at Zest, their beach restaurant. Normally we like to dig into local food restaurants but here they had some amazing chicken wings ( I can eat chicken wings everyday) and Hazl's healthy butt had a tasty salad, as we looked ahead to GRACE BAY - clear blue eaters and soft white sand! Oh- and you must have the DRUNKIN LOBSTER- it's an amazing fruity frozen drink, in which I ordered every day.

Every Thursday night, they have a local FISH FRY where all the locals and tourists come for a party and to watch Junkanoo (the parade island dance festival) . There you will find live entertainment, music, and food from all local island restaurants. Hazl and I ate all night long and watched the funniest live entertainment from the stage. PS: the fish fry is just a three minute walk along the beach from The Gansevoort hotel, BONUS!

Codie flew in the next day and we jumped on a Yellow Boat Excursion. We were definitely tourists here, so concierge saved our lives...they were amazing at The Gansevoort. The Yellow Boat Excursion took us on something like a small party boat vibe - a little fruit island punch was provided, some island jams, and cool captains. We first went snorkeling, which was incredible- it was our first time. DO IT! The oceans is a beautiful thing to see! The captains partner dived in caught some conch shells, and made us fresh and delectable conch salad- I DIED. CONCH is everything to me. We then docked off at a secluded island, HALFMOON BAY,where we saw huge lizards and had a mini photo shoot (obviously). The trip was a day trip, and our money was well spent. Another day another adventure.

To keep bragging about The Gansevoort Hotel, they have an amazing complimentary continental breakfast, perks perks perks! Lastly, Stelle on Saturday nights has a cool late night vibe, DJ, good food, and great people. OH- one more incredible local eatery in which was our number one place to eat local dinner food was CRACKPOT CHICKEN! Before you leave the island you must eat the local cuisine, it is to die for- and ask for Paula, the best server there.

I can go on and on about Turks and I will in future posts… but for now just live through these images… and book your next girl's trip to PROVIDENCIALES and stay at THE GANSEVOORT!

xoxo, Blu

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