Boxed Water is Better


I'll admit it—I'm a sucker for A N Y sort of cool looking bottle of water. Literally, THE biggest sucker. BUT this, this is not just any kind of "cool" bottle of water . . . . . it's Boxed Water and is properly filtered through a 5-step process free of arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, chromium + a few other things! I remember when I first saw this little cardboard looking water bottle because my instant thought was, I must get my hands on a carton A S A P—like I had to. How cool, water contained in something other than plastic? I was sold. It was and still is the c o o l e s t water. But coming from a small town, Boxed Water wasn’t carried in local grocery stores so it wasn’t actually UNtil just recent that I finally spotted Boxed Water while I was walking down the isle in Target. You know me, I scooped me about three cartons of this water and was loving life! F I N A L L Y got my hands on this little gem!

As I twisted open the carton + drank me some crisp Boxed Water, I was instantly a fan! And now, we all know what happened next . . . . . . of course I had to take me a Hazl approved picture to post on my Instagram! Always. But, as I was posting I and trying to find the companies Instagram pages to tag them in, I found out something even more enticingly amazing about this product—the National Forest Foundation plants t w o trees in the Deschutes National Forest for e v e r y post with @BoxedWater using the hash tag: #ReTree. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees and have planted 73,000+ to date.

This company runs on simple choice that aid in the world being a better place, being as green + ecofriendly as possible! After finding out what goes on through their social media, I was instantly provoked to want to know more and learn more so I went straight to the internet and found their page. A few little tidbits I learned, coming straight from their page is that “76% of their packaging is made from trees, which are a renewable source. The trees that are used to create their beautiful boxes are derived from well-managed forests with the boxed being 100% recyclable. And as incredible as this company is, they donate at least 1% of revenue annually to reforestation and world water relief.”

Boxed Water’s mission is to “Waste Less, Do More, Live Well” and they’re doing just that. I get so overjoyed and just so genuinely happy when I seek + find + become a humungo fan of products (and their companies) that strive to make the world a better place all around. It’s incredible + Boxed Water is Better.

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