Overall Envy


I was runnin’ though the six with me woe. JK, but actually. When Blu is in town and asks if I want to go shopping—like, who is she? Is that even a serous question? D U U U H, aren’t I always down for a FAB little shopping session? Yes, YES and y e s! As per usual, I respond with the typical Hazl response . . . . . how much time do I have to get ready? Because let’s be real, I can get ready in about a solid 10 minutes (+15 minutes) and be out there door!

So, when I hear the keys start to jingle followed by a  “let’s go D” — I panic (laugh mostly) and then scramble to pick a pair of shoes, find my earrings and grab my makeUP because I’m never actually r e a d y when Blu is at the door but HEY, what are little sisters for right? It’s kind of actually really funny (well to me, not to Blu) but better late than never, right?

I think I have an issue. Actually, I know I have an issue. A *major one as Blu would say because sometimes (more often than not) I’ll change my outfit 3+ times and end UP walking out the door in my original get-up! #indecisive

But with these overalls + a killer tee, it’s so simple and I’m ready in no time to shop + play the role of Blu’s personal shopping assistant helping her spend her dolla dolla bill$ on new pieces convincing her that she needs just about e v e r y t h i n g in sight (making sure that I can fit these new pieces too, HA) #sharingiscaring #iSteal #doNOTtellBlu #beenthereWOREthat

Overalls: American Eagle

Tee: Zara

Booties: Old Navy

Mean-mug: *unintentional