Easy Breezy


My favorite outfits of all are those that entail little to hardly any thinking at all. These outfits, for me, consists of the most perfectly basic, yet classy chic pieces! E f f o r t l e s s + comfortable and just so easy breezy is what it’s A L L about. I love me a good ol’ stripped tee (always have to have a FAB little stock of stripped short sleeve, long sleeve + tanks!) because stripes are so IN in Hazl’s world + paired with a faux leather jacket + ripped up boyfriend jeans (yes mum, I did pay a pretty penny for pants with holes) like, how could ANYone go wrong? I am obsessed with boyf jeans + the way they fit and am consistently on a mission to grow my collection in all different colors, styles, holes and brands! #allaboutthemholes

What are some of your favorite classic pieces + must haves in your wardrobe?

Faux leather jacket: Zara

3/4 tee: Zara

Boyf jeans: Zara

Fringe booties: Aldo

Weather: below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (looks are deceiving...)