How to Tame Those Curls!


Curls! Curls! Curls! How do you tame your curls? This is a question I get asked often and I will finally let you know how I do just that.

So everyone has a different type of curl, I believe curls are actually titled by type – but honestly I feel all hair are different textures. For instance, our older sister has tight curly coiled curls, Hazl has more of a wave mermaid curl, and me – well I have the crazy big curls. It was when I graduated college that I found my favorite hair product that changed my hair’s life.

Product 1: Mixed Chix Leave-in-Conditioner

You can purchase Mixed Chix at Target for $19.99. The product lasts for about a month but remember, I have a lioness mane of hair and it is very thick so I may use more than the average person.

How to Use: After conditioning my hair in the shower I comb my hair out. (Take note that I do all of this while I am in the shower because it is easiest to comb out my hair then.) I separate my hair, while wet, in four sections. I then apply a half dollar sized amount of MIXED CHIX leave-in-conditioner in the palm of my hand and put it in section 1, and repeat these steps for each section of my hair. As I put the MIXED CHIX in my hair, I am also scrunching my curls with the leave in conditioner making sure all four sections are covered. I then ring the excess water out of my hair and exit the shower.

When I get out the shower while my hair is still a bit damp I then apply two more products to help define my curls.

Product 2: Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, in which you can also find in Target, is a light weight styling serum. I scrunch about a half dollar sized amount into my hair, to help define my curls. Remember I have a lot of hair, so use the amount you feel is best to have full coverage on your curls.

Product 3: OGX Morrocan Oil

OGX Moroccan Oil, can be purchase at Target and pharmacy stores like CVS or Walgreens. I take about a quarter size amount of OGX Moroccan oil and massage throughout my hair and scalp. OGX Moroccan Oil leaves a nice shine to my curls.

Now that I have my entire product in, it is time to DRY.

Option number one, which is ideal, is to allow your curls to air dry. I feel that air dry is the best dry, but that also means you have to walk around looking like a wet dog for a while, lol. So if you have time, I highly recommend you do so! Air dry just gives your curls a natural bouncy look.

Option two, blow-dry with a diffuser, and I REPEAT you must use a diffuser for your curls. When I blow-dry my hair with the diffuser I bend my head over and blow-dry my hair upside down to get the best volume and curl pattern. I blow-dry my curls in spurts, because my neck tends to hurt after a while because I have a lot of hair. So I will dry for about three minutes, go brush my teeth, and come back and blow dry some more.

After my hair is completely dry, I do my happy dance, turn my head upside down and shake it out for more volume. Lastly, I use my curl wand to define any pieces that may look "wirey" from using the blow dryer. I use a simple small barreled wand from CONAIR.The key to picking the right wand is making sure the size of your curls is the same size of your barrel.

So I wand a piece of hair here, wand a piece of hair there and WAH-LAH! Your curls are now gorgeous, tamed and beautiful.

xo, Blu

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