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Chatahoochie Hills, Georgia is the destination where my favorite electronic dance festival takes place, TOMORROWWORLD!TomorrowWorld is a three day festival where attendees from all around the world come to dance to their favorite DJs such as Kaskade, Tiesto,  and Afrojack to name a few. I have been attending the festival since 2014 and it just gets better and better every year. There are seven different stages you can explore and jam out to your favorite DJ. Some of the stages include trap music, dance music, the main stage, where the headliners perform, and several others. Each stage is intricately designed full of lights, animated faces, and pops of colors that just puts you in a trance. There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world that come to Chatahoochie Hills to create a weekend full of memories. Last night was Hazl's first experience and she had a great time. I truly feel that even if you are not into electronic music you would still have a blast because the experience is unbelievable. Whether you want to go VIP, camp out, or simply just attend one day of music, TomorrowWorld has you covered. From our VIP experience last night we have zero complaints. Hazl and I had access to the Artist's Den where you could eat, relax with friends, or even get a massage. There was also an incredible view of the 8,000 acres of land that creates TomorrowWorld. We started our night off at the Trap Stage, where Dj Diesel killed it and ended our night at the main stage, jumping to the sounds of Tiesto all night long.

Nevertheless, TomorrowWorld has fulfilled all of my festival dreams once again. I had an amazing night with my friends and listened to the best electronic dance music all night long. I ate delicious food and met new, beautiful people. That is what life is all about it, living. I will be living in TomorrowWorld all weekend long and I hope to see you there!

For more information, go to TomorrowWorld and catch it before the weekend ends.

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Xo, Blu