Kat's Beauty Tips of the Week!


Before I begin this post, just remember + never forget that Y O U are B e a U t i f u l !

Hazl and I were not allowed to use make-up or beauty products until we finished high school because our father was a bit strict. So, we tend to always look up to women with knowledge in beauty. Luckily, Hazl's best friend and college roommate, Kat, is the definition of a beauty guru. She lives to experiment with new products + is always giving us nothing but the B E S T recommendations for our skin, hair + nails! She recently graduated college this past May with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion and and Retail Marketing.

With that being said, Kat will be our fabulous + amazing beauty expert of the week. She will be sharing her top 3 beauty tips + picks of the week and including reviews of her favorite beauty products. Meet the gorgeous and incredibly talented Kat!


Kat's Picks of the Week!



Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil removes pounds of stubborn makeup super duper quick without irritating my skin, including the skin around my eyes—which are always so sensitive and get irritated easily. Boscia is so very gentle + works great with waterproof makeup and it even shortens my nightly routine making my life just that much easier. You can find this beauty product online at Sephora!


Grease Lightning works wonders for my skin when it comes to spot treatment. Whenever I feel a a little bump coming on my face . . . . . . . I just dab a bit of this before bed and my blemishes become noticeably smaller + go away before they even fully form. Grease Lightning even works well under make-up—as long as you moisturize your face once the gel dries! Grease Lightning is impeccable and my go-to for spot treatments. You can find this beauty product online at LUSH.


Renewed Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer that C H A N G E S l ives. Literally. It has definitely changed my skin's life incredibly to the point where I never am out of this product. Renewed Hope in a Jar leaves my skin hydrated, supple, and glowing. With each use, I have noticed that my skin has been improving, especially, when it comes to my pores and skin’s texture. I have sensitive/acne prone skin and this moisturizer did not irritate it AT all. Renewed Hope in a Jar is a lightweight moisturizer and it doesn't leave an oily residue. My current obsession: Renewed Hope in a Jar because it is pure * H E A V E N *. You can find this beauty product online at Philosophy.

I hope these products leave you as beautiful and happy as they make me! Remember, happiness is an inside job. I can not wait to hear about your product reviews too—see you beauties next week!

XoXo, Kat