Boys & Girls Clubs of America


This past summer I was beyond blessed to have the opportunity to work for an outstandingly rewarding and simply amazing company, The Boys & Girls Club of America. Not only was I able to experience what it was like to work at the corporate level within this growing company, but also, I was extremely lucky enough to be able to work side by side with children of all ages at a local Club. This summer was incredible and one of the B E S T experiences of my life. After graduating with a degree in Culinary Nutrition, one of my biggest passions have always been to share my knowledge with children + teens and allow them to learn, gain awareness and cook with products they may or may not have ever heard of while smiling + having F U N + playing games! This summer was nothing short of that—every week I would visit the Club and come with new grains, vegetables + activities.

One week was based fully on fruits + vegetables and learning about the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that we consume by eating these delicious foods! I was able to introduce the children to my NutriBullet (no one ever even heard of this) by making smoothies! Our goal was to use the rainbow as our guide + pick at least one fruit AND vegetable to create a masterpiece. The children were having the time of their lives trying to combat and mask the vegetable taste through upping the fruit count, adding more Greek yogurt and some finally listened to me and began to add avocado for not only a creamy texture but for a mellowed out flavor too! It was amazing to see how intimidated of the color, texture and look they were of the avocado but by the end of the lesson, e v e r y smoothie consisted of avocado! The kids were having a B L A S T and of course, turned it into a competition to see who could make the best smoothie . . . . .

Another week we made boats out of cucumbers and filled them with my infamous roasted beet hummus + a quinoa fiesta. This week was when I truly realized that when the kids told me they ate nothing but fast food, hot wings, burgers + fries—they sincerely meant it because not one single child had ever heard of quinoa. Coming up with activities that allowed these children to be able to walk out of my lesson that day pronouncing quinoa correcting, knowing where the grain derived from and even wanting to make it again with their family warms my heart more than you could imagine. This is why I do what I do.

Being able to educate these children with my nutrition knowledge + allow them the opportunity to work with products they have never seen or heard of has been my biggest and G R E A T E S T pleasures through my whole nutrition adventures!

I have been blessed to be able to continue to work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The amount of love, security and fun the children have at their local Club is simply remarkable to see first hand. I love + adore being able to be part of such a world-renowned organization that betters the lives of our youths every single day and prospers through positive youth development!

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