Y E S to Organic Spray Tans!

Who doesn't love a good tan? Well, as summer slowly fades away my tan surely fades away with it. As Hazl says, "You look a bit pasty," and I must admit, I do. (By "pasty" she means pale, as in my skin tone resembles Casper the friendly ghost.) Although I am interracial, I have very fair skin but I do love a natural sunkissed look so I often times spray tan ( I never use tanning beds because they're just not healthy. Remember health is wealth!). Luckily, I found an amazing organic spray studio that is actually beneficial for my skin. Perhaps one of the benefits of having a sister is that you are always learning from one another. Hazl expresses the importance of nutrition and organics and I finally found a solution, Raw Bronzing Studio. RAW BRONZING STUDIO, is a local organic spray tan studio in Atlanta where all products are made from 100% organic ingredients that are actually beneficial to the skin. I never knew an organic spray tan existed, and it gets better. The bronzing studio specializes in custom spray tans, so as Beyonce says, "you'll wake up, FLAWLESS!" Discovering raw bronzing studio was a blessing, but now I had to experience it for myself.

When I walked through the door I immediately felt as if I was getting ready to go on vacation! In the front of the studio, there's a cute shop full of floppy beach hats, trendy wooden decor, and a rack of beach clothes I would definitely pack for my next escape. I was greeted with a huge smile from the staff and immediately attended to. I went to my own private room that was covered in unique magazine clippings, like a mural of beauty on the wall which made feel comfortable disrobing. The staff provided me with instructions and listened attentively to the color I was trying to achieve. The process took about ten minutes and I was beyond happy with the outcome. If you are located in the Atlanta area and want to get a flawless and healthy spray tan I would most definitely recommend visiting the Raw Bronzing Studio. In addition, their prices are very reasonable! So stop inhaling potent fumes and get sunkissed by the Raw Bronzing Studio.

Visit, Raw Bronzing Studio for more information.

Happy, Healthy tanning!